Nice idea for holidays? Choose Katowice

Nice idea for holidays? Choose Katowice

Poland is very interesting place, filled with plenty of magical cities and wildlife areas. Also, it has a lot of international airports, spread whole around the country, on which you may get, using cheap airline connections. Therefore it is very easy to get wherever you like. The most popular destinations in this country will be Wroclaw and Krakow – every year, millions of tourists from western Europe is visiting it. But Poland is not only about that places. Another nice idea for holidays in there, will be capital of Katowice.

If you decide to choose flights to Katowice, you need to be wise in a moment of your purchasing. First of all, you must to avoid Christmas and Easter times, cause plenty of Polish citizens are returning then to their country, to spend this magical time with relatives. Therefore tickets will be expensive and hard to get. The best months to visit Katowice is May and June- weather is fantastic, warm but not hot, and there is far less tourists on the streets – so accommodation should be cheap. Another think you need to consider, is your baggage. If you decide to go there for less then seven days, carry-on will be enough for you. You can fit in there all of your clothes and even cosmetics – but remember to pack any liquids inside the small, plastic bottles. And make sure to check exact measures of carry-on, at your carrier’s website, before you go to the airport.railway-station-377001_640

And if flights to Katowice is really good idea? Of course, this city is amazing. If you have never been to country in eastern Europe before, you will be surprised about Socialist Realism architecture. Plenty of buildings from this art movement are in there, huge and majestic. Katowice always was big city, with plenty of mines and ironworks, so it was very rich back in PRL period. And if you are a fan of Modernism art, you need to visit Nikiszowiec. This settlement was build for the workers from the mines and their families, in 1920. It really looks amazing. Another nice object will be Drapacz Chmur – first skyscraper in this part of Europe. Maybe it is not so tall as those you may admire in London, but it looks astonishing. And you can climb to the top floor, to enjoy nice panorama of the city. And don’t forget to taste Silesia cuisine when you are in there – it is very delicious.

If you like to go to Poland, flights to Katowice are very good idea. You can buy very cheap air tickets, if you know how to look for it. And the city itself is very amazing, and not ordinary. You can see in there really great piece of architecture.

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