Nice idea for city break? Choose Brussels

Nice idea for city break? Choose Brussels

At the moment in Poland, we have plenty of various tourist destinations available in very reasonable price. It is all because small airline companies became more popular, and are offering cheaper tickets each year. If you are type of traveler, who better like to take several longer weekends, instead one whole week leave at job, you can visit plenty of various cities in one year. But traveling somewhere for three days is pointless, if journey too like half a day. That is why, you need to go there by a plane. If you have never been to Belgium, you should consider to visit this nice country.

Since Poland became a member of European Union, plenty of it citizens move to another city to work in there. One of those countries is Belgium, and thanks to it, you can find flights from Warsaw to Brussels in very reasonable price. Sometimes, you can find a ticket, which costs less then 100 zlotych – in both sides. But to travel for a penny, you need to know several rules. First, you need to avoid popular dates, like Christmas or Easter, cause plenty of people are traveling then. Another rule, is to try to plan your journey as soon as possible. Earlier you book your ticket, less you will pay for it. Another option will be to book a plane several hours before the tip – in that case, it will cost you like nothing, but is is very risky idea, cause it is a possibility, that you won’t find any free seats in there. brussels-1018000_640

Is capital of Belgium is really worth to be seen? Of course, if you choose flights from Warsaw to Brussels, you will have a possibility, to explore one of the most beautiful and wealthy cities in entire continent. Entire city is freshly renovated, you won’t find in there any ruin buildings, even those from medieval times. If you like to visit signature of this area, you can go for a trip to find a statues of peeing boy, girl, and a dog. It will give you a lot of fun, and satisfaction, if you localize each statue by yourself. Also, if you are fan of modern architecture, you can go to the business center of Brussels – plenty of skyscrapers, in which are situated headquarters of important, European institutions. And if you like to admire the panorama of the city from big height, you need to go to the Atomium – one of the highest objects in Brussels, with nice view terrace on the top.

If you like to have fun in one of the most beautiful cities in entire Europe, you need to book flights from Warsaw to Brussels immediately. You will find in there plenty of interesting monuments, not only historical, but also modern ones.

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