Holidays of your lifetime in New York

Holidays of your lifetime in New York

United States of America for many years used to be almost inaccessible for big part of Polish citizens. However, couple of years ago this tendency had changed, thanks to the airline carriers, which started to offering great deals of flights. That is why if you like to visit one of it cities, like New York for example, you wouldn’t spend a fortune on it, it is guaranteed.

Find cheap flights

New YorkFor people from Europe New York is the cheapest destination, cause it is the closest location to our continent. If you will get lucky, you will be able to buy a ticket for one person in both sides for less than 1500 zlotys. There are direct flights from Warsaw available, but the lowest price are offered from London, Berlin or Prague. But before you book a flight to New York remember to get your visa first. This document is valid for entire year, so you will have still plenty of time to look for a good price of airline ticket. Travel visa to USA is not very easy to get, you cannot be former inmate or have any type of criminal record. To get it you need to book a meeting with American consul, it is available in Cracow and Warsaw. The interview is face-to-face so you will need to visit one of those cities i person.

Main attractions

The Big Apple is known for it amazing landscape, filled with skyscrapers. The most popular buildings on Manhattan are Crystler and Empire State Buildings, both founded in the beginning of twentieth century, according to Modernism style. From the Manhattan you can take a ferry and travel to the Statue of Liberty, true signature of the city. From the top of the statue you will be able to observe amazing panorama over Manhattan. In the middle of this nice district you will find Central Park, the biggest area of green, situated in big city, in entire States. It is great place for a picnic on the sunny day!

Domestic flights

During your vacations you don’t have to spend each day in New York, you can travel trough entire country. Cause domestic flights in United States are very popular, therefore prices of airline tickets are in very reasonable price. From NYC, you can travel wherever you like. If you are interested in pop culture, go to the California. If you better like southern atmosphere choose a trip to the Louisiana. It is very interesting state, with it own culture, kitchen and habits. It is all thanks to strong group of local people. On the streets of New Orleans, the capital of state, you will be able to see a funeral, typical for this land. It is amazing experience.

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