Looking for great travel spot? Visit Tokyo

Looking for great travel spot? Visit Tokyo

Nowadays, people from Poland are traveling whole around the world. We have plenty of opportunities to visit distant continents, like Australia or America. Also, a lot of us are exploring the biggest capitals in Europe, like Paris or Barcelona. You are looking for some exotic experiences? Choose Thailand, it is perfect spot if you like to connect with another culture. But if you like to explore modern city but with plenty of exotic influences, the nicest city for you will be capital of Japan, for sure.

But how to get there from Poland? You have plenty of various flights to Tokyo available from the Warsaw. Of course, none of us like to spend to much money for a plane, but there is a method for that. You should trace offers on airline websites, they are selling trips by plane in very reasonable price, you can travel even two times cheaper. But this offers are not constant, so you need to visit each site everyday, to make sure you won’t miss nice deal on flights to Tokyo. But if you have no time for that, you can order a newsletter on your e-mail, with offers only to Japan. If you are planning to spend holidays in there, shorter then three months, you don’t need any visa, but passport will be required. During your vacation, you are not allowed to earn any money, because it is illegal in there, without special permission. japan-931162_640

You are about to book flights to Tokyo but you know nothing about this city? You won’t get bored in there, it is guaranteed. This city has two shades. One is exotic, and old. There are plenty of historical, wooden palaces and temples, spread whole around the whole city. You will find it very interesting, especially if you are not familiar with Asian architecture – it is totally different then European. Another part of Tokyo is modern one. In the city center, you will find plenty of skyscrapers, it is authentic city jungle. The streets of this city some of you may find claustrophobic, they are not narrow, but at every time, day and night, they are filled with people. There are neon signs and colorful advertisements located everywhere, so even late at night, place is very bright. If you are travelling with a kids, you need to visit Amusement park, in which children will met all characters of their favorite cartoons.

When you like to see a true city jungle, and explore some Asian architecture in one place, you need to book flights to Tokyo immediately. This city guarantees you a magical experiences, a lot of fan, and unforgettable memories.

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