Hamburg – the German City

Hamburg – the German City

Hamburg is the second biggest city located in Germany on the edges of the River Elbe. The city is a home for about 1.8 million inhabitants. However, it is also a place frequently visited by tourists. It is claimed that about 6 million visitors come to the city every year. A lot of people consider Hamburg as an ideal city. Everything is clean, perfect, well designed and effective. The city is dominated by glass and brick buildings and the whole architecture is really impressive. For those reasons, it is worth to pay attention at the ordinary buildings to learn more about the city. However, the city is also a location where numerous museums, art galleries, theatres and popular restaurants are located. This article will point out the most popular places around the city.

HamburgThe visitors of Hamburg cannot complain about the lack of museums. There is something to see for people at every age. It is worth to start with the Museum of Art and Crafts (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe) and later see the museum of miniatures (Miniatur Wunderland) where is located the unique exhibitions of electric railways. In Hamburg, art knows no boundaries: there is a place for discovering the invisible world, and the house of the artist Ernst Barlach (Ernst-Barlach-Haus). There is also located the famous Hamburg Dungeon. Another extraordinary museum worth visiting is the Hamburg PANOPTIKUM. It is the oldest and largest wax figure cabinet in Germany where you may see over 100 wax figures that present people from history, culture, show business and sport.

Hamburg is a city perfect for a short stay as well as the week or more stay. The tourists will find the suitable accommodation for every budget limit. The city offers about 400 properties to overnight at different standards. The most popular types of accommodation are hotels, apartments, hostels and guest houses. The accommodation is also available near landmarks of the city, such as Reeperbath, Speicherstadt and Miniatur Wunderland. The guests who expect higher standards, may stay in hotel chains that can be also found in the city. Some excellent examples are Centro Hotels Group, Ibis, Novum Hotels and Top City & Countryline Hotels.

The tourists may reach the city by plane because the city is served by Hamburg Airport that is the oldest airport in Germany and the second largest airport in the country. The airport serves more than 16,000,000 passengers annually and it provides flight to 130 destinations around the world.

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