Holidays in Netherlands – best destinations

Holidays in Netherlands – best destinations

When Polish citizens get a chance to get legal work outside the borders, a lot of them choose the Netherlands as their new home. Because of that fact cheap airline companies opened plenty of new connections between two countries. But this amazing place is not only good place to work, but also ideal spot for summer holidays. How to find the cheapest plane tickets and which cities everyone should visit?

Plan your journey

NetherlandsEven if connections from Poland to Netherlands are very common, not each type of ticket will be in reasonable price. If you like to travel to the country of tulips for a song, you should avoid hot season. During Christmas time or national fests, Polish people who are working abroad are visiting homes, so tickets are expensive. If you choose another date, and book a ticket six month ahead, you will spend a lot less cash. Also, remember to reserve any type of accommodation, you can use a special website for that. In the area of bigger cities you can find a lot of hostels. Even more money you will spare if you choose your baggage wisely. Cheap airline companies are offering one, on-board bag for free. Is in size of medium valise, it should all belonging you will require during the one week trip.


The most popular destination in Netherlands is it capital, the Amsterdam. This is very unordinary city, not only because of it landscape, but also culture. Travelers are able to try in there many types of drugs in public, there is a special district reserve for working ladies, people are travelling by bicycle more often than by car. Your sightseeing in Amsterdam you can start in the Ann Frank’s House. This was a small, Jewish girl, which was hiding with a family from Nazis, during the world war second. Another important place is Rijksmuseum, the biggest art gallery in entire country. You will be able to admire in there masterpieces of the best, Dutch painters, like Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Gogh and a lot more.

Another locations

But Netherlands is not only about Amsterdam, there are a lot more nice places to explore. You can travel trough country using a train, it is very decent mode of transportation. If you are travelling with a children you shouldn’t miss Efteling, amazing amusement park, localized next to the Tilburg. Theme of this place is fairy tale, everything is magical and vanguard. You will find there a lot of carousels, big wheels and other attractions. In another, Dutch city, Arnhem, you should visit Burger’s zoologist garden, one of the big gest In Europe.

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