Nice idea for citybreak? Poznan

Nice idea for citybreak? Poznan

After 2006, when Polish became a member of European Union, a lot of people from Old Continent have a chance to meet closer citizens of this country. All of that because they were able to work in another countries totally legal, so they move in, mostly to United Kingdom. Because of that fact, small airline companies open a lot of cheap connections, between UK and Poland. Therefore, if you are looking for some decent place for longer weekend, you should visit one of cities in there.

Less popular option, but also very great, is to book flights to Poznan. Not everybody know that, but this city use to be a capital of Poland, long before Krakow. That is because you can find plenty of interesting monuments in this city. You will find in there all sort of architecture – from Romain and Gothic on oldest part, Ostrow Tumski, trough Baroque and Renaissance at the main square. Even modern buildings are very common in there, cause Poznan is developing country, with plenty of students living in there. Also, there will be plenty of different tourists n the streets in there, so you won’t get bored, even late at night. Speaking of witch, Poznan has plenty of pubs, clubs and restaurants, open all night long, situated at the main square. You need to taste local cuisine, made entirely from greasy sauces, pork meat, and a lot of potatoes – they love this vegetable in there. rock-881800_640

But how to get flights to Poznan in very reasonable price? First of all, you need to avoid hot season. Don’t go there during Christmas and Easter, cause a lot of Polish people from UK are coming back to their families. If you like to explore everything in beautiful weather, book tickets for July or September. Summertime is very warm in Poland, so you won’t get cold, it is guaranteed.
But if you like to save even more money, you can go there in May or June – it is also warm, but not hot, airline tickets are very cheap, also is accommodation. speaking of which, all not expensive hostels are situated next to the main monuments in Poznan, especially in the square, so you won’t have to travel a lot from one point to another.

Poland is known for Eastern tourist as a place with beautiful women, tasty cuisine and sad history. But this country is also about magnificent cities and its monuments. Poznan is less popular them Wroclaw or Krakow, but it is still very amazing. You can go there by plane, cause it has very big airport outside the city, so there will be no problem to book cheap airline tickets.

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