Good idea for city break? Go to Warsaw

Good idea for city break? Go to Warsaw

Since Poland became member of European Union, a lot of things had changed in there. Country opened for a new companies, not only banks and IT groups, but also for airline corporations. Thanks to that, and the fact, that plenty of Polish people are working in United Kingdom, citizens of England are able to visit Poland for a penny. So if you are wondering, which place in Europe to visit for a longer weekend, you should consider a capital of this Middle Europe land. It is very important place for modern history of the world.

If you are a fan of World War Two, you need to book flights from London to Warsaw, to observe the place, where everything begin. Cause Poland was first country which get hurt from Nazis operations. entire city was destroyed, a lot of people died. But nowadays, it is not a sad place, not at all. It is a monument of this morbid events, but also a lot more. If you are a fan of historical architecture, you can also still find something interesting in Warsaw. Cause old town wasn’t totally ruined, and was renovated very well after the war. The best example of it is a Royal Castle, situated at the top of the mountain. Another good piece of architecture is a Palace of Culture and Science, great piece of Social realism movement.

But how to book cheapest flight from London to Warsaw? it is not very hard, you just need to be wise. First of all, you should avoid popular holidays, like Easter or Christmas, cause Polish people who are working in UK, are coming back to home then. The best opportunity to explore this city, is during the summer time. The weather in Poland are fantastic, and entire city is filled with foreigners. But if you like to travel for a song, you better reserve your flight several months ahead, to get a better price. Also, if you are looking for accommodation, the best option will be to find some decent hostel. All of those places in Warsaw are situated next to the main monuments, so you wouldn’t have hard time to visit everything. Beside, capital is the only city in Poland with subway, it is going from one part of the city to another, and first stop is on the airport. If you are not a fan of big crowd, you can also go there in June or September – weather is lovely and prices are even lower.

If you like to visit Poland, bool flight from London to Warsaw immediately. All European citizen needs to discover this place, which was the main area of World War Two events. it also has plenty of monuments, so you won;t get bored in there, it s guaranteed.

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