You like to visit Lviv? Choose airline connections

You like to visit Lviv? Choose airline connections

Europe has very colorful history. A lot of bad and good things happens during it being, borders were moves from one part of land to another, people were migrating for a better live. After World War Two, Poland change it shape. We gain Wroclaw from Germany, but we lost Lviv. This city, now situated in the Ukraine, still is home for plenty of Polish people. Also, a lot of our citizens like to travel in there to see land of their grandparents. We use to take a bus to go there, trip was lasting longer then a day, but even so, a lot of people were interesting. Fortunately, nowadays we can go there by plane.

If you like to visit this city, you can book flights from Warsaw to Lviv. This connection is the cheapest one, because it was formed by small airline company.  But if you like to get the best deal on a tickets, you need to be wise. Avoid hot season, like Christmas, or  summertime, because it will be even two times more expensive – a lot of people are interesting in this dates. May and June will be far more cheaper, and the weather will be just perfect for sightseeing. Also, you will have a lot of nice accommodation options available, in hotels situated near to the old town. You don’t need to be afraid, if you don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian language – most of the people in there, also young, know the Polish tongue. After you finish your trip by plane, you need to go from the airport to the city center – but don’t worry, there are special bus for that.ukraine-1281686_640

After you book your flights from Warsaw to Lviv, it is good to know which monuments are worth to be seen in there. This city is very beautiful place, but it is not so well renovated as our Polish metropolis – plenty of old, historical building are ruined, but there is some charm in that. If you like to get to know more about Ukraine culture and how it mix with Polish one, you need to visit National museum. it is situated in very nice, New-Baroque building. You will find in there plenty of paintings and sculptures of brilliant artists, manuscripts and so on. Another nice object is Museum of Pharmacy. You will be able to see in there, how Drug store use to look in nineteenth century, all the authentic furniture are renovated very well. If you like to admire a sacral architecture, there are many different churches worth to be seen.

When you like to take a nostalgic trip trough the footsteps of ancestors, you need to book flights from Warsaw to Lviv, immediately. This city is filled with history of two countries, everyone will find something interesting for himself.

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