The best attractions in Berlin

The best attractions in Berlin

During warm, summer holidays we like to visit some interesting place, for time to time. The best option is to use longer weekend, especially if our destination isn’t so far away or we can get there by plane. Europe is filled with nice cities with many monuments, one of the most interesting is Berlin, the capital of Germany.

How to get there?

There are multiple ways to get to the Berlin from Poland, all depends on the distance and our needs. People, which are living in the west country can use bus or train, the journey will take about four hours. But the most comfortable will be trip by plane, available from each bigger airport in our country. The flight may be very cheap if you only book it couple of months ahead. At the start of the sale airline carriers are offering big discounts. It is also the perfect moment to book the accommodation, it is not cheap in the capital of Berlin, however very hostels is available.

Main monuments

Berlin tripProbably the most popular building in the area of Berlin is Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of military triumph from the past. It is situated in the central part of the Berlin. About ten minute walk from there you can find extraordinary Memorial of Holocaust’s Victims. It is huge square covered by black, tall stones, each represents a group of dead people. You can take a walk between those walls it is very interesting experience. If you are admirer of Classical architecture go for a tour to the Headquarter of Parliament. It is monumental building with huge square in front of it. If you like to be in the center of events and met plenty of people, go the the Alexanderplatz, surrounded by many shops, restaurants and galleries. And if you like to see the remain of Berlin’s Wall, you should visit East Side Gallery, 1300 meters long exhibition of open air paintings by the popular, German artists.

Another attractions

Berlin is also ideal place to admire interesting exponents in local galleries. To do so go to the Isle of Museums. First, the Pergamum Gallery is amazing exhibition of architectural artifacts, mainly from the ancient times. You will find in there the original Gate of Ishtar! In the National Gallery you will see authentic bust of the Nefertiti. Bode Museum is dedicated to the German painters, furniture and ethnography. The museum has huge collection of historical coins. And if you like to feel spirit of regular, not touristic Berlin, go to the Kreutzberg, the district of artists, many cultures and healthy food.

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