Trough Poland by plane? Why not

Trough Poland by plane? Why not

Maybe Poland is not such big country as United States or Australia, but it took more then dozen hours to drive from one corner of it to opposite one. Because of that, you should consider to use a plane from time to time, especially since we have a lot of connections in very reasonable pice affordable. Summer is finally here, a lot of us like to go to nice, historical city, like our former capital, for example. if you are living near to the Baltic sea, this type of journey could be very uncomfortable by car or train. That is why you need to buy a plane tickets.

If you decide to book airline tickets Gdansk – Krakow, you will spare a lot of time, that is for sure. Time of a trip will be shorter then half an hour, so it is very nice. Also, because it is domestic connection, you don’t need to stand in a long queue, which is another interesting aspect of it. But if you like to travel for a penny, you need to prepare for your journey very well. First of all, if you like to visit Krakow in June or July, you need to book a ticket at least half year before date of flight. Cause during hot season, a lot of people are choosing this connection, so prizes could be higher. To avoid it, you can choose may or June for your weekend – it is also a nice weather then, but there are a lot less other travelers around. You need to decide are you really need a register baggage to book? Cause if you are not, you will save a lot of money.krakow-1131404_640

If you have never been to this city, you may wonder, if it is a good idea to book     airline tickets Gdansk – Krakow. Well, this area is filled with interesting monuments, so you won’t get bored in there, it is guaranteed. First of all, you need to go to the square – you will find in there a Sukiennice, former market place, build in Renaissance period, in which you may buy plenty of souvenirs. Right next to it, you can see Mariacki Church – one of the prettiest Catholic temple in entire country. Ten minutes walk from square lays Wawel Hill, with Royal Castle at the top of it. You cannot miss Kazimierz- former Jewish district of Krakow. It is filled with small, charming workshops, plenty of art galleries and small coffee bars. And if you are interested in World War Two, you can take a tour to Auschwitz – the biggest concentration camp from this period.

If you are planning to go to the Krakow from north part of Poland, the best mode of transportation will be plane. But if you like to fly for a penny, you need to book your tickets very wise. And this city is very worth to be seen – a lot of monuments, art galleries and interesting building. And the Auschwitz is right next to it.

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