Short trip to Hamburg

Short trip to Hamburg

In the past citizens of Poland were using their holidays during the summer, for a trip to some sunny city in the south. But nowadays the idea of only one journey during the year is not enough, we are also organizing shorter, weekend long trips. If you are searching for any great location for loner weekend, you should think about Hamburg, one of the biggest cities in Germany.

Mode of transportation

People who are living close to the German border are able to reach Hamburg within several hours trip by car, train or bus. There are good connections from bigger Polish cities which are taking us on the western part of continent. However, since small airline carriers offered flights to Germany, many of tourists prefer to use this option. Nothing surprising in that, cause flights to Hamburg are short, comfortable and may be even cheaper the train for example. To find the nicest deal on flight you better start to look for it several months earlier. Cause at the beginning of sale the same ticket could cost about 50% less than just before the trip. Even accommodation will be cheap if you book it fast enough, there are many convenient hostels in this German city.

Historical architecture

Because of it rich full history Hamburg is one of the prettiest cities in entire country. It was always very important and rich metropolis, it is noticeable in architecture. The biggest amount of Hamburg 2monuments can be found in Speicherstadt the harbor area of city. You will see in there amazing example of secular architecture, like warehouses, build from red bricks in Gothic Revival style. You can take a trip on boat to see each of those buildings from another perspective. But if you also wish to see medieval Gothic piece, take a tour to church of Saint Claus, amazing, tall temple with sophisticated Baroque interior design. In the old square you will also see beautiful mansions from various epoques, since Renaissance till Modernism. At this area you can also visit some nice, local restaurant or grab a beer in traditional pub.

Another attractions

When you already visited each, interesting example of architecture in Hamburg, you can another attractions to reach.

First of all you should go to the Miniature Museum. Inside the huge hall you will be able to admire the most imported examples of worldwide architecture, shrank to small size. During sunny day you can also visit Eekhold Wildlife Park. This is one of the biggest zoological gardens in Germany, you will meet in there many species of animals.

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