Poznan – the city that will meet your needs

Poznan – the city that will meet your needs

Poznan is a city located in the central Poland in the Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) voivodeship. It is the capital and the biggest city of this region where lives about 450,000 people. Poznan is full of tourist attractions dedicated to holidaymakers from different corners of the world. The city can be visited during summer (from June to September) when you can enjoy sunny and dry weather. However, if you do not mind changeable weather and you prefer to focus on discovering the city, you may come to Poznan at every time of year.

The places worth visiting in Poznan

PoznanIt is worth to start with the Market Square – a real heart of the city. It is valuable to appear here just before noon to observe two goats that show up at the tops of the Town Hall. They are artificial of course and their tradition is as long as the history of the city. Market Square is also a great place to take pictures and spend free time in cafes, pubs and restaurant. It is worth to try rogal sw. Marcina – it is a croissant that is made only in this city. What is more, it is also essential to taste traditional Polish cuisine that is considered to be one of the most delicious. The second tourist attraction dedicated to visitors who prefer to visit unusual places is the Lech Brewery. In Poznan, one of best Polish beer is manufactured. The beer is called Lech and it is available in numerous flavours. The tour in brewery lasts about 1h30min and when it is finished, the guests are invited for one glass of beer. The tour is dedicated only to adults and it should be booked in advance.

How to get to Poznan?

If you plan to visit Poznan, you should think about booking the flight ticket to the city because Poznan is served by Poznan-Lawica Airport named after noble pianist – Henryk Wieniawski. The airport is located about 5 kilometres from Poznan City Centre and it serves mainly European routes. The airport is the oldest airport in Poland. It serves about 2 million passengers every year and it is the seventh busiest airport in Poland.

Where to overnight?

The city provides a rich offer for the holidaymakers who would like to stay in the city longer. The most popular forms of accommodation are hotels, hostels and apartments. The accommodation is offered in every district of Poznan or close to tram stations. Poznan is also a home for few excellent hotel chains dedicated to the most demanding customers. Some of those hotels are: Campanile, Ibis, Novotel, Mercure, Sheraton and a few more.

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