Poznan – a special place in Poland

Poznan – a special place in Poland

Poznan is a city located in the Wielkopolska region on the edges of the River Warta. It is also a capital and the biggest city in this region. The city is located in the central part of Poland and it is mainly famous for a special cake and the goats that show up at noon from the Town Hall located on the market square.

The main tourist attractions

Poznan is a place where you will not get bored easily. The city is full of tourist attractions dedicated to adults as well as the youngest visitors- children.

The most popular place visited by numerous holidaymakers every year is the Poznan’s market square. It is the heart of the city and if you are interested in learning more about the city as well as Polish culture and tradition, it is essential to find some time to visit the city centre and the museum that tells the history of the region. After that, it is worth to step in one of the cafés to discover Poznan 2delicious Polish cuisine. Another interesting spot on the Poznan’s map is the Lech Brewery where Lech, Polish beer is manufactured. At present, the visitors may observe the manufacturing process and the history of the brewery. Moreover, when the tour is completed, the travellers are invited to the pub where the beer can be tasted. Moreover, Poznan is the only city in Poland that owns two zoos. During your stay in the city, it is worth to go to the New Zoo that is placed near Malta Sport zone. There you can find the most popular animals, for example lions, elephants, bears and many more. The Poznan’s zoo is an excellent place for one-day trip. Moreover, when you get hungry, you may visit the modern restaurant where the food is served while the tourists observe the wild animals.

How to get to Poznan?

Every tourist can reach the city without any problems using the different means of transport. You may reach the city by:

– Plane – there is located Poznan Airport that serves tourists from numerous European destinations. The airport is located only 7 kilometres from Poznan City Centre.

– Train – Poznan is placed in the central part of Poland. For this reason, the train connections are available from every corner of Poland.

– Car – there is a motorway that goes from Warsaw (the capital city of Poland) directly to Poznan.

Poznan is a city worth visiting by everyone who would like to see a different face of Poland and Polish culture. The city is completely different from Krakow and Warsaw that are usually full of tourists.

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