Canada – ideal place for summer vacations

Canada – ideal place for summer vacations

Nowadays, we don’t need to be very wealthy to be able to travel to the North America, cause airline tickets are cheaper than ever before. Many of Polish travelers are visiting United States because of that, but even most interesting location is Canada, northern neighbor of States. If you like to visit this amazing land you need to make sure, which city will be perfect for you.


This interesting metropolis is situated in the western part of Canada, by the ocean. That is why during the summer holidays you will be also able to swim in the sea. The city is popular because of amount of green areas in the middle of metropolis – it has the biggest number of parks! So if you will be tired of noisy streets you can visit Stanley, Queen Elizabeth or VanDusen park. In Vancouver you can also find less typical object like that – Dr Sun-Yat Sen Park, designed in Asian style. The city also has the biggest China Town in entire Canada.


Canada CityFor many centuries this city was under French domination, that is why it is filled with architecture, typical for western Europe. The biggest attraction is Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, build in fourteenth century in France and after couple of centuries deconstructed and transferred to Montreal. Another nice church is the church of Saint Joseph, simple but beautiful Baroque Revival building. If you like to admire masterpieces of the best Canadian artists you can go for a tour to the McCord Museum. And if you are fun of adrenaline you may visit the Montreal Casino, very elegant place.


This is the biggest city in entire country, situated in the Ontario district. If you like to go shopping of just admire amazing architecture, you can go to the Eaton Center. It is a big mall which was inspired by the Vittore Emanuele building in Milan. If you like to be afraid in a good way, the perfect idea  will be a visit to the Casa Loma, beautiful castle which is playing the role of haunted house. The most popular building in Toronto is CN Tower, one of the tallest objects in the world, with amazing observational deck on the top of it.


The capital of Canada is situated close to the Montreal. Headquarter of it Parliament is very similar to British one, designed also in Gothic Revival style. During the war day you have to visit Jacques Cartier Park, filled with beautiful plants and interesting fountains. In Ottawa you will find plenty of galleries, like National Museum, Museum of History of Canada and modern art gallery.

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